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  1. Love your work in Creative Card Challenges. I tracked you down to find out if there are directions for folding the dress ( Your "Cover Girl" card). Would appreciate your help and thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. Hi Cheryl! I used this video tutorial to make my origami dress: Good luck!

  3. Hi Amanda!! I always love visiting your blog - your creativity blows my mind every single time!! I read your blog through my Windows Live reader, and I noticed lately that your blog posts don't show up completely in my reader - I have to click through the link and go directly to your blog in order to see the whole post. I was wondering if this was changed on accident as your previous posts used to show up completely! I wasn't sure if you were having people click through to track your traffic, or whatever . . . but it takes so much more time to click all the way through as a reader of over 400 blogs a day!! Any chance you could change your settings so that the whole post shows up in my reader (and I'm guessing it's true for other feed readers, too!)? Thanks in advance!! Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season!!


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